About Bill Conly


Bill Conly is a painter and sculptor living in London, Ontario, Canada


Bill Conly is an artist who was born and raised in North End Winnipeg. He attended the University of Manitoba, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1966. He studied Education at the University of Toronto and taught as head of the Art Department of a High School in Thunder Bay. Bill left teaching to open WA Conly and Associates Ltd., a technical publications and industrial design firm in Winnipeg. He later moved to Ottawa where he continued the business specializing in illustration for defence agencies in Ottawa as well as the aerospace industry in Montreal and Toronto. While pursuing the commercial side of art he also maintained his main interest in the Fine Arts. Bill shows his work at fine art galleries throughout Canada.   Sculpture from the Wells Gallery show in Ottawa was selected by the Governor General of Canada as one of the state gifts of Canada to the President of Pakistan. He also received the Premier’s Award for Design Excellence from the Premier of the Province of Manitoba. The film “Shorelines” produced by film maker Dan Sokolowski of Ottawa with the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council features Bill’s sculpture set against the shores of Lake Superior at Neys Provincial Park. Bill now works from his studio in London where he combines sculpture and painting.